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A Project By Sarah Li
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We want to see dog parents make the most out of their lives with their furry children, and encourage the general pubic to see dogs as part of the community.  This platform focuses on dog matters that matter including healthcare, wellness, leisure and activities, inspirations.

What is unique will be its user-friendliness (given the well thought-out functionalities and easy-to-digest content) and its practicality (e.g. practical tools like vaccination reminder tool) to make your parenting life easier).

To benefit as many dog parents and prospective parents as possible, this platform is going to be in both English and Traditional Chinese for Hong Kong community. And most importantly, all tools and content are intended for free.

๏ User-friendly search engine of animal clinics & hospitals in Hong Kong. Search by location (proximity) with a selection of 24-hour service, small and exotic animals, acupuncture service and etc. Search result is available in just a few seconds for any emergency

๏ Easy-to-digest health and general care content in human language without jargons at long intimidating length

๏ Useful tips and actionable inspirations to jazz up your daily lives with dogs

๏ Practical tools including a vaccination reminder tool which enables dog parents to keep a record of vaccines schedule and receive reminders for their actions

๏ A community-like channel to share and discuss with other pet parents

The goal of this campaign is to:

1) prove the Hong Kong community wants this online platform 

2) financially support part of the technical development cost of this platform which intends to be free of charge for users

The funds will be used to cover the technical development cost of this platform partially, and the remaining costs will be paid by the founder, Sarah Li.  The cost might appear high to some people, but for your information, the more user-friendly a website is, the more customisation and functionalities it provides and the more work it involves, the higher the cost is. Vaccination reminder tool, for example, is a completely new creation with lots of back-end and front-end development.

All supporters will be given priority access to this hellodog platform once ready and exclusive updates on this campaign. 

Sarah receives so much joy and love from her canine child that she can't help but wonder how to help more dogs. After years of observing online and personal discussions among dog lovers and the general public, the happenings with stray and abandoned dogs, the hard work and struggles rescued groups encounter and her personal experience with dog parenting, there have been divided sentiment and perceptions towards dogs.

She identifies with a (somewhat hopeful and naive) belief that if dog parents are equipped with the right knowledge and support, on one hand, they would feel more at ease with parenting work, hence, enjoy more of their lives with dogs; and on the other hand, there could be less dogs surrender which alleviates the pain and work frontline rescued groups and animal lovers face, in other words, stops cruelty at the beginning of cruelty cycle.

She believes in spreading positivity and giving practical support which seems missing in Hong Kong, and aims to focus her effort in achieving the below objectives:

  1. Inform and inspire dog parents and those considering to be a parent in both health related and everyday life matters in a lighthearted or entertaining way which is believed to be most effective to learn.
  2. Advocate dog adoption, discourage any dog trade and abandonment.
  3. Build trust between veterinary professionals and pet parents for the betterment of dog healthcare.
  4. Foster love and understanding to recognise dogs as a member of our community, with a hope that Hong Kong will become more dog-friendly.