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Our story continues with version two of the Jumpstart Kids book project!

Over the course of two weeks, two different groups of creative and smart young entrepreneurs will create one book for kids by kids with all proceeds going to a charity selected by the kids themselves. The Startup Bootcamp for Kids curriculum encourages creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Students aged 8-14 are introduced each day to a new topic including social impact startups, sharing economy startups, crowdfunding platforms, media and publishing platforms. Their experience will finally lead to the creation of this self-published book! 


If you know about last year's book project, we're getting started with the crowdfunding campaign a little earlier than last year in order to 

A. teach the students about the crowdfunding process

B. raise more funds for charity throughout the course of the campaign


How will the funds be used?

This book will be co-authored by our Jumpstart kidtrepreneurs. It will be printed digitally and in a hard cover format. All the money raised through the crowdfunding campaign will go towards publishing the book with the rest going to support a charity that the kids selected for this project.

The book will be delivered to all supporters by October 15, 2017

The book will be a collection of work that the students contributed in class. It consists of the work done by students from both July and August session of Jumpstart Kids.  The content will mainly be their work including journals, drawings, ideas, and photos. The book also serves as a token of memory for the students' entrepreneurial journey.


Program History

This is the second year that this project will be created and crowdfunded by Jumpstart Kids. Here is a recap of last year's experience.

In the summer of 2016, a small group of kids ages 8-11 gathered at the Paperclip Startup Campus to learn about starting a business over a 2 week ‘Entrepreneurs Summer Camp’.

They spent the days brainstorming ideas, learning new words like “entrepreneur” and “crowdsourcing” and learning from guest speakers on topics such as business manners and on importance of sourcing ingredients ethically. In this first program we set them a goal to come up with a viable business idea.  We weren't sure where the project would go so we were quite suprised that by day 3 of the program the kids brainstormed 30+ book ideas, narrowed it down to one title (that they all agreed on!) and wrote a lot of the book. In the following sessions they continued writing, worked on the layout, learned about sourcing images, wrote sponsorship letters, cold called sponsors, conducted mock media interviews and had a passionate discussion about which charity they wanted to support.

We cannot be more proud of our 2016 Jumpstart Kids - Tasha, Enric, Martin, Kale'a and Anise!

About Jumpstart Kids:

Jumpstart Kids is a program developed by Jumpstart Magazine, a print/online publication for startups in Hong Kong. Our goal is to instill a confidence in kids that they can do anything and that they can make a difference. The book is a product of their brainstorms, their imagination and the words are their own. The program gives them a structure to learn business concepts, the rest is up to them. We're so proud of what they've created in a short time, and excited to share their book with the world!


Program Facilitators

James Kwan

James is the Managing Director of Jumpstart Magazine, Hong Kong’s first startup print publication launched in 2014. Jumpstart has grown to become a well known magazine in Hong Kong’s rapidly expanding startup community.

James is originally from New York, a father of 3 kids and a serial entrepreneur. His first summer job at age 14 was a summer camp counselor. He’s excited to work with kids this summer and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs!

Anita Chan

Anita Chan is one of the Co-Founders of Sam the Local, a platform that connects people for private, customized experiences. She is also the Director of Community Engagement and contributor at Jumpstart Magazine. Prior to founding Sam the Local, Anita worked at Crocs in regional marketing and Logitech in project management and communications.

Anita is originally from San Francisco, and fell in love with Hong Kong during a vacation, and made it a point to move here.

Chloe Wong

Chloe is currently the Associate Director of Content Development at Jumpstart Magazine, overseeing the strategy and execution of content production dedicated to the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.

She cut her teeth on working as a journalist and news anchor on multiple projects which entailed interviewing an array of startup founders, investors, and industry experts. Chloe will introduce the kids how to tell stories in a compelling way and show them how storytelling can be a powerful tool to market them ideas and products.





Thank You


If you think this is a great initiative or you would just like to donate to the charity we greatly appreciate your contribution!

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