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Healthy Eating Cookbook* is a cookbook for everyone using real non-processed ingredients. Covering quick and easy ways to prepare snacks, grab and go recipes and desserts that are not only nourishing but also taste amazing! 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the Splash Foundation.

My name is Ifat, and after many years of wellness education and cooking I want to create a cookbook for you to practice healthy living in your own home. But, I need your help to fund the production and printing of recipes developed through years of research and refined at my own family dinner table. The most expensive parts of releasing the book are the editing, production and printing phases.

This is where your input would be greatly appreciated. The more books or packages you buy, the easier it will be to fund my dream, and 10% of funds will be donated to the Splash Foundation. I am passionate about this foundation as it supports domestic helpers around the world.  We have our 'Aunty' that lives with us here in Hong Kong, and we would like to dedicate the additional donations to her and every 'aunty' out there.

What's in the Book?

50 easy-to-make recipes, involving readily available ingredients and REAL food that nourishes and is so delish!! Why make a highly processed birthday cake for your hubby or daughter when you can make a nutrient dense, tasty and nourishing one that your body will LOVE? Best of all, no one will notice the difference!

The first 30 backers of Healthy Eating Cookbook will receive a preview downloadable PDF with the first 8 recipes before any print is ready!

What are my Goals?

Promoting Health - Health affects everything in our lives. Food is one of the major contributors to our overall situation, and most people find healthy eating a chore.

Ease of use - that's why the recipes are easy to follow, and quick to make! People want less bought and more hands on food. 

Giving back - The Splash Foundation will receive 10% of the total proceeds of this campaign - all for a great cause!

Once I reach my goal I will begin the final stages of putting it all together, including the book recipe dedications and co-sponsorships. I want this book to be relevant and accessible to all.

Why the Healthy Eating Cookbook now?

I created this cookbook from my research and development dating back as far as a paper I wrote when I was 19 named 'Food for Mood'. I was curious about whether food could actually affect the way we think and feel.

A couple of years ago I found my research paper leading me to further my investigations. This time I created Hong Kong's first Gluten Free Healthy Bakery and Cafe, which became the leading supplier of GF breads and pastries to the top hotels in Hong Kong - I was also fortunate enough to receive awards in the region for my work.

As my successes have been varied and wide, I chose, rather than to keep my recipes secret or releasing them through blogs or media, to collate my ideas together in one package - my first cookbook.

Spreading and sharing the love of my journey in addition to my all time favourite recipes.

Order a book or choose from other options below.

For those new to crowdfunding, essentially you are making an order in advance, giving you access to this amazing book which isn't on the market yet AND supporting me! Orders are fulfilled after my campaign is fully funded - estimate delivery date of February 2018 which includes producing, production, editing and development.

* Each time you fund a reward, you get to submit a title for the cookbook from which we will then decide a name!

Rewards You Can Choose - US$
Item 1: HK$195 / US$25 One Cookbook

Item 2: HK$500 / US$65 Gift pack of 3 cookbooks. Great as gifts for your friends

Item 3: HK$850 / US$110 Family set of 5 cookbooks. Great gifts for family and friends!

HK$1650 / US$210 Great learning experience: 1 cooking class and 2 books!

HK$2950 / US$380 Great sharing experience: 1 cooking class for 3 people and 3 books!

Item 4: HK$4275 / US$450 One Dedication Recipe in the Cook Book. Has someone in your life inspired you to live in a healthier, happier way? Dedicate a recipe to them! We'll work closely with you to develop one out of grandma's file, concoct something to fit your daughter's specific needs or create a gluten free option using your wife's favourite food.  PLUS receive one cookbook. 

Item 5: HK$4500 / US$580 Gluten free styling class: I will visit your home and assess your cupboard, what to keep, take you shopping for additional ingredients and bake 2 recipes with you. PLUS receive one cookbook. 

Item 6: HK$6000 / US$770 Dedicate a Chapter within the book with 10 recipes.  We will work closely with you to develop 10 recipes and create a chapter dedicate just to you or to someone special to you.  PLUS receive three cookbooks. 

Co-Sponsor Rewards for Businesses

Item 7: HK$5500 / US$705 Dedication Recipe for your business, and I will work closely with you on choosing the right recipe of your choice. PLUS receive three cookbooks. 

Co-Sponsor Rewards for Businesses

Item 8: HK$8800 / US$1130 Dedication Chapter of 10 Recipes for your business. PLUS receive five cookbooks. 

About Ifat

What started as a personal quest, expanded into her life mission – to create nutritious and delicious meals for all ages.

Ifat Hindes was born in Israel and grew up initially in the Caribbean and predominantly in Hong Kong.

In 2013, she opened Hong Kong’s first entirely gluten free restaurant and bakery, Choice Cooperative and shortly after the well trusted Choice Healthy Foods who remain the leading provider of Gluten Free Breads and Pastries in Hong Kong. She is also a regular contributor to various publications such as Sassy Media Group, offering health & wellness articles and recipes.

In 2016, she started Project Wellness, offering the learning of health through wellness cooking classes, walks, healthy home makeovers, as well as acting as a wellness and health advisor to celebrity chefs, restaurants and corporates.

An Award Winning Wellness Entrepreneur and receiver of the following:

  • FOODIE FORKS AWARD 2014, Editors Choice

Upon popular request, Ifat, will be releasing her first cookbook of healthy, gluten free, easy to do family friendly recipes. As she continues to strive to improve her own health, in doing so she loves sharing what she learns in the hopes of helping others. Project Wellness is her way of sharing what she loves best – all things healthy, nutritious and delicious!

Follow me:

Instagram @ifathindes


Twitter: ifathindes

Risks and Challenges

I can only have an estimated ready by date, as I will be developing the book together with YOU my supporters as the campaign goes along.


“Ifat is a total trailblazer in bringing gluten free goodies to the homes of Hong Kong. She was one of the first to be instrumental at bringing gluten free food to our shores. Where it had been common place in other countries it took Ifat to champion this new food movement here. Through her bakery she supplied the best of the best but also made gluten free food accessible and tasty to all. I’m inspired by her passion and can’t wait to see what she does next.”
Laura Derry, PRIME ASIA

"Ifat Kafry Hindes has carved a niche as the city's first 'uncontaminated gluten-free bakery.' Its a welcome addition to Hong Kong where gluten-free goods were mostly restricted to online ordering and the occasional Farmers Market"

"A health food aficionado and amazing mum-preneur, she opened Hong Kong’s first gluten-free restaurant & bakery Choice Cooperative back in 2013, and now offers private cooking classes, healthy home makeovers, and event consulting services. Her enthusiasm for healthy and delicious food is infectious"

"Ifat takes the term 'Supermama' to a whole new level! I have seen her juggle 3 young kids while running multiple successful brands and working social media like a BOSS!. She should definitely be your first stop if you're looking for someone to consult or promote your wellness products, or even to just head out on one of her fabulous wellness walks." 

Lori Granito
Award Winning Foodie Entrepreneur 

About Splash

Our vision - is to create an oasis where people flourish.

Our mission - Splash conducts swim and water safety courses for under-served communities who may not have the access or means for swim lessons. Bringing together experienced coaches in a supportive group setting, Splash provides an opportunity to learn an important life skill which develops confidence, improves well being and allows people to flourish both in and out of the water.

Our Values

Optimistic: We believe attitude is more important than ability. Positive mindsets find ways to succeed and flourish.

Active: We think an active lifestyle and healthy bodies lead to healthy thought patterns and constructive goals.

Safe: We create an environment where everyone feels safe, always.

Inclusive: We welcome everyone into the Splash community with kindness and respect.

Simple: We ensure everything we do is transparent and easy to understand.

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