Do's & Don'ts of Media Pitching

Date Posted: Feb 27, 2017
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Do’s and Don’ts of Media Pitching

I attended a great panel event last week organized by FEW and Eaton House to share insights by senior journalists on how to build your brand and stand out in the market.

Through my own experience moving from the corporate world into launching a business and working with startups looking to crowdfund, I have learned that marketing skills and know-how are especially important in building your brand and gaining customers. Part of this process is pitching to journalists. As host Ines Gafsi said, “we all know it’s a struggle” to get it right.

So, realizing how important it is to nurture relationships with media and write a great press release, I wanted to share with you some of the tips I learnt at the event. These insights and more, will be sharedwith all current and future campaigners when developing their press campaigns:

When pitching your story via email:

  • First and foremost make sure it is newsworthy and not another standard product launch
  • Include context to your story such as linking it to a trend or consumer behavior that helps the journalist see a larger story that may be of interest to their readers
  • Must include visuals: Include graphics, video or multimedia (Don't include high res images – include a website or dropbox link instead.)
  • Keep it tight and concise with 4-5 paragraphs plus some background of the company and any relevant links
  • Don't pitch to multiple people in the same organisation OR if you do, keep everyone in the loop

Subject headings

  • Keep short and catchy but include newsworthiness into the subject e.g. HK's First...
  • Can also say things like ‘Pitch to [media company]’ or ‘Request for [xxx]’ so that it is clear what you want
  • Doesn’t always need to be clever or humorous – plain and direct language is fine too.

Nurturing a relationship

  • Nurture relationships you would like to develop long term for your business. Long term you may be be able to build a face-to-face relationship which is great for future brainstorming of media ideas.
  • Target the right person at the organisation: go to the relevant media outlet, research who is covering your industry and product then reach out via email or Twitter. Make sure this research and thoughtful shows in your communication with them including press releases.
  • You can do a follow-up email if you haven't heard from them 'asking did you receive my email dated xxx’
  • Don't phone call them use twitter or LinkedIn to connect

Keep in mind that media receive a lot of emails each day. So to make sure your and their time is well spent, take into consideration these tips when building your brand.

If you would like to learn about crowdfunding please email me at contact@nextchapter.com.hk for a free 1-1 discussion.

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